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Heart Mantra Capsules by Arlak Ayurveda are excellent cardiac care tonic capsules prepared with a combination of excellent herbs. It is a rejuvenating formulation composed of various effective herbs that help promote the proper functioning of the heart.

Heart Mantra Ayurvedic Cardiac Care Tonic Capsules is known to strengthen the heart by relieving it of various cardiac problems. Regular consumption of Heart Mantra Capsules nourishes the heart muscles, reduces bad cholesterol, and stimulates blood circulation, thereby enhancing the easy flow of blood through the heart.

Benefits of Heart Mantra | Ayurvedic Cardiac Care Tonic Capsules

Heart Mantra is an ayurvedic cardiac tonic that aims at achieving overall cardiac wellness. It works by reducing cholesterol that is associated with an increased risk of heart diseases. This heart tonic is composed of several effective herbs that possess anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant properties, and much more. They together work effectively to strengthen the heart muscles and thereby enhance their functioning over the long term.

Following are the key benefits of Heart Mantra Ayurvedic Cardiac Care Tonic:

  • Improves capillary circulation as well as cardiac muscle strength
  • Helps support the heart and other vital organs free from radical damage
  • Helps support healthy cholesterol levels
  • Helps diuretic properties
  • Helps control hypertension
  • Helps to rejuvenate the body metabolism

Arjuna is amongst the key ingredients of these cardiac care tonic capsules. Arjuna plays a vital role in curing inflammation and enhancing blood circulation in coronary arteries. Another important ingredient is Garlic or lahsun that helps protect our heart against certain cardiovascular conditions and even atherosclerosis by preventing the accumulation of fat in the arteries.


Arjuna, Sunthi, Lemon, Lasun, Amalaki rasayan, Punamava, Gokshur, Neem, Sarpagandha, Guduchi, Lavang, Yastimadhu, Pippali, Bhringraj, Yavani, Twak

Directions for Use: 1 capsule twice daily preferably after meals (with warm water) or as directed by the physician

Pack size: Jar of 30 Capsules

Where to find the best Ayurvedic Cardiac Care Tonic?

Heart Mantra is a well-known ayurvedic cardiac care tonic that you can find at Arlak Ayurveda. Heart Mantra capsules are manufactured in a GMP-certified manufacturing plant. We strictly adhere to purity and safety standards in making the ayurvedic cardiac tonic capsules. We ensure the quality and freshness of each ingredient so that you get the benefits of an all-natural ayurvedic product.

Get in touch with Arlak Ayurveda for the supply of the best quality Ayurvedic Cardiac Tonic capsules at the best prices. Arlak Ayurveda is known as the Best Ayurvedic Cardiac Care Tonic Capsule Manufacturer, Supplier, and PCD Franchise Company. Contact us to avail of the exciting deals and offers for Heart Mantra Ayurvedic Cardiac Care Tonic Capsules.


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