Herbal Enzyme


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Herbal Enzyme

It is a herbal medication that acts as a digestive enzyme and helps in breaking down the food for easy digestion. This is used when the body itself is not able to make enough digestive enzymes to digest the food. These digestive enzymes are produced in the body naturally in the pancreas and released into the gut to digest the food.


  • Indigestion
  • Acidity
  • Loss off Appetite


Harad, Baheda, Amla, Sonth, Marich, Pipali, Hing, Chitrak, Chavya, Papita, Satajwain, Jeera.

Net Contents: One Bottle of Capsules contains 30 Arlzyme capsules.


All the ingredients present in the enzyme act as a natural remedy to cure gastrointestinal problems such as flatulence, stomach ulcer, acidity, bladder pain, and piles. It is a 100% herbal product. Each of its ingredients has a very important role in enhancing the Gastrointestinal tract and promoting digestion of food without any side effects.

Key Ingredients:

Following are the benefits of certain key ingredients used in this enzyme:


It contains Vitamin C, iron, manganese, selenium, and copper. The oil obtained from Harad enhances the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. It has the properties to cure constipation by promoting bowel movement.


Amla or Indian Gooseberry is a rich source of Vitamin C. It is highly effective in reducing severity and frequency of heartburn and regurgitation. It also has antidiarrheal properties that help treat stomach cramps and discomfort.


Sonth or dry Ginger Powder has several health benefits. It helps in relieving indigestion and has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, helping in the neutralization of digestive juices and release of gas formed in the intestine. It helps in improving the digestive process.


Marich or Black Pepper, one of the highly used spic and known as the king of spices has a very important task to perform in any formulation. Black Pepper helps transport the active ingredients of other herbs to the target organ. It helps in relieving bloating and abdominal pain.


Hing or asafoetida is a rich source of antioxidants. It is useful in curing indigestion and helps to boost the digestion process by enhancing the enzyme secretion activity.

Dosage & Storage:

Take 1-2 capsules daily twice a day with water or as directed by the physician. Store in a cool, dark, and dry place.

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