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Best Ayurvedic Herbal Syrups for Franchise – Arlak Ayurveda is one of the leading pharma companies working in the Indian healthcare sector that manufacture and deliver premium quality Ayurvedic solutions. The company holds specialization in the manufacturing and delivery of a magnificent range of herbal syrups. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and shaping its products under GMP-WHO authorized premises. We are moving forward and delighted to announce our Best Ayurvedic Herbal Syrups for Franchise Business.

Herbal products are used for decades to cure and treat healthcare ailments. India is a country with a total population of more than 1 billion. Here, the demand for Ayurvedic products especially syrups is growing at a colossal pace. Thus, to meet this requirement and to provide everyone quality rich herbal syrups range, Arlak Ayurveda has come up with the Best Ayurvedic Herbal Syrups for Franchise. Our syrups are quality assured and come under secured packing with proper labeling. We have taken the entire industry by storm by delivering a broad range of products at affordable prices.

So, if you are looking to step into the Ayurvedic sector and want to deal with quality herbal syrups, then immediately contact Arlak Ayurveda.

Premium Quality Ayurvedic Syrups Available at Arlak Ayurveda

Ayurvedic products are one of the ancient ways to eradicate healthcare issues. Using ancient ayurvedic literature and utilizing modern infrastructure facilities, Arlak Ayurveda has come up with a tremendous range of the Best Ayurvedic Herbal Syrups for Franchise. Our products are made with natural herbs that are rich in antioxidants. Further, the entire syrups range offered by us is quality inspected and properly labeled. These products are manufactured under the surveillance of the best herbal practitioners using modular machinery.

Range of Herbal Syrups offered by Arlak Ayurveda:

Brand Name



Anti-diabetic syrup

Herbal enzyme syrup

Aropapa Syrup

Used for the management of Thrombocytopenia


Herbal antacid and ant flatulent syrup
Brain wealth Syrup

Helps to sharpen memory and improves intelligence

Hb Best Syrup

Helps to enhance Haemoglobin levels in the blood
Live Slim

Helps in weight loss


Natural appetite stimulant for children.

Helps in relieving stress, fatigue, weakness and provides strength to the body

Plat Wealth

Helps to enhance blood platelet count in the body

Regliv Syrup

It helps to boost the liver system and reduce liver disease

Treat kidney stones, and helps keep your kidney healthy


Highly effective in treating cough

International Standards Adhered for Superior Quality Products

For the delivery of the Best Ayurvedic Herbal Syrups for Franchise, Arlak Ayurveda has adopted a fixed set of international standards that direct us to manufacture only quality product range. We follow Good Manufacturing Practices along with all industrial safety & quality standards. The company is inspired by the vision to bring out quality herbal syrups through deep research and development. That is why we shape our products under state-of-the-art units using modular equipment.

International standards followed for superior quality products:

  1. We have GMP-WHO-approved manufacturing units.
  2. The company has tie-ups with the best raw material suppliers.
  3. We use only clinically tested ingredients for syrups manufacturing.
  4. Our production houses are fully sanitized and possess a hygienic environment.
  5. We regularly disinfect all the equipment using a high-quality disinfecting solution.

What Benefits you will get by Choosing Arlak Ayurveda

Arlak Ayurveda is one of the dominating and unstoppable forces that is marching towards heights of success through its work ethic and relentless commitment to delivering the finest quality herbal products. We have one of the Best Ayurvedic Herbal Syrups for Franchise businesses that are highly demanded across the nation. Our products are trusted and demanded by thousands of healthcare experts for their results, effectiveness, efficiency, quality, and safety.

Talking about safety, our products possess a better shelf-life and they are fabricated using in-depth herbal literature. These products contain no harmful side effects and are suitable for people of all age groups. By choosing out Best Ayurvedic Herbal Syrups for Franchise business, you will be to maximize your sales and double up your profits.

Here are the benefits of choosing Arlak Ayurveda:

  1. We are ISO certified and hold all other necessary certifications as well.
  2. Our products come with full quality assurance.
  3. You will get a broad range of herbal syrups from us.
  4. The company will provide you with free-of-cost promotional tools.
  5. You will get genuine business deals at pocket-friendly prices.
  6. We assure timely delivery of products through a powerful transportation network.
  7. All the products will be properly labeled with accurate details.
  8. You will get year-round availability of stock.

So, if you are a pharma aspirant, medical representative, pharma retailer, wholesaler, or interested business seeker who is planning to step into the Ayurvedic sector and want to grab the best business deals, then choose Arlak Ayurveda and get your hands on the Best Ayurvedic Herbal Syrups for Franchise.

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