Herbal Liver Protective Syrup | Regliv 6G

COMPOSITION: lavang 500mg, mirchi 200mg . Jeerak 200mg, pitpapra 200mg , waivdang 100mg, mulethi 200mg, saunth 200mg , bhringraj400mg, sharpunkha 400mg ,rohitak 400mg , ARJUN 400MG, ASHWAGANDHA 300MG , CHIRAYATA 300MG , KALMEGH 200MG , MAKOI 200MG , VIDANG 200MG , PITT PAPRA 200MG , BHUM AMLA 200MG , DARU HALDI 100MG , PUNARNAVA 100MG , TULSI 100MG , KASNI 100MG , GILOY 100MG , HARAD 100MG , BAHEDA 100MG , AMLA 100MG , KUTKI 100MG , VHITRAK MOOL 100MG .

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Herbal Liver Protective Syrup – The syrup medication is a unique amalgamation of natural and ayurvedic herbs, primarily used in the treatment of fatty liver diseases. It also helps treat and prevent other liver-related disorders such as hepatotoxicity. Additionally, the syrup as well treats occasional constipation, hepatic disorders, and asthma symptoms. Fatty liver disease, also known as hepatic steatosis, is a medical condition that is characterized by an accumulation of fat in the cells of the liver. Hepatotoxicity, or liver injury brought on by pharmaceutical exposure, is a medical term. The best quality Herbal Liver Protective Syrup comes under the brand name Regliv 6G by Arlak Ayurveda.

With the help of its herbal composition, Herbal Liver Protective Syrup help provide several other health benefits. This Liver Tonic is advised to be taken as directed by the doctor, with or without meals, and for the prescribed amount of time. The dosage given to you will depend on your condition and how you react to the syrup medication. As long as your doctor advises you to, use this syrup prescription as directed. If you stop treatment too soon, your symptoms can come back and your condition might worsen. All other medications you are taking should be disclosed to your medical team because some of them may interact with this one or cause other negative effects.

Key ingredients of Herbal Liver Syrup

  • Lavang 

This ingredient facilitates digestion by calming and relaxing the lining of the intestines. Even a stomach ache can be relieved by this spice. It can also be taken as an expectorant to lessen the severity of coughs by assisting the esophagus in producing phlegm.

  • Jeera

The liver is protected from inflammation and strengthened by jeera water. Jeera water also aids in reducing stomach pain and cramps.

  • Pitpapra  

A vital remedy for high Pitta disorders including fever, gastritis, diarrhea, excessive thirst, etc. is pitpapra. The entire plant is frequently used in traditional medical systems for its healing properties.

  • Vaividang

Due to its heated potency, vaividand prevents nausea, indigestion, flatulence, and vomiting. Because of its Rechana (laxative) characteristic, it also aids in the management of constipation.

  • Mulethi 

Mulethi is highly significant in treating liver abnormalities such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, liver damage, hepatitis, and jaundice since it is endowed with anti-inflammatory qualities.

  • Bhringrajlam 

Bhringraj is well known for helping the liver. The liver’s overall health is improved by the antioxidants in this herb, which lessen the damaging stress on the organ.

  • Sharpunkha 

Ayurveda typically prescribes sharpunkha-containing formulations as liver correctives and restoratives. It is thought to be helpful for kidney, spleen, and liver conditions.

  • Rohitak 

An Ayurvedic herb known as Rohitaka- Tecomella undulata is used to cure indigestion, piles, diabetes, jaundice, and other conditions.

  • Ashwagandha      

It is used to treat stress, exhaustion, pain, skin conditions, diabetes, arthritis, and epilepsy and is said to have neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Daru Haldi

Due to its ability to control the level of liver enzymes, Daru Haridra may aid in liver preservation and the prevention of liver diseases. Due to its antioxidant properties, it also shields the liver cells from harm brought on by free radicals.

Herbal Liver Syrup Uses

  • The syrup help in the treatment of fatty liver diseases.
  • The intake of this herbal syrup also helps with the prevention and treatment of occasional constipation, hepatic disorders, and asthma symptoms.
  • It also helps treat and prevent other liver-related disorders such as hepatotoxicity.

Potential Side Effects of the Liver Syrup

The herbal liver protective syrup is proven highly effective and safe for fatty liver treatment. However, in some rare cases, the consumption of syrup can lead to some unusual side effects. The side effects of this syrup are highly unlikely and usually don’t require any specific medic attention as they tend to resolve on their own as you adjust to the given treatment. Anyhow, consult your doctor if you are worried about them and they are persistent.

Common Side Effects of Herbal Liver Syrup

  • Drowsiness
  • Dryness in the mouth
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