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Stoboy Alkaliser & Ayurvedic capsules are the Ayurvedic combos for patients to treat kidney stone problems. This medication is made up of all-natural ingredients. A kidney stone is a kind of health problem in patients, in which a solid mass is composed of salt and mineral deposits in the kidney, including the ureter and bladder. Kidney stone leads to patients to serious complications if not removed on time, and it obstructs the outflow of harmful toxins. Kidney stones patients may feel the symptoms like extreme,e pain, burning sensation,  change in urine color, nausea, vomiting, blood in the urine, frequent urination, and cloudy appearance in urine.

Stoboy Alkaliser & Ayurvedic capsules are free from side effects because this medication includes pure and natural ingredients that make it bad effects-free. But due to hypersensitivity, if any patient feels any discomfort with the use of this medication then they should contact their professional doctor. Patients should use this ayurvedic combo only with the recommendation of a doctor otherwise they can feel adverse effects without the consultancy of a doctor. Avoid the use of any other allopathic use of medication with the use of this Ayurveda medication. The user should inform his doctor if he is using any other medication for any other health problem.

Product Specifications

Brand name: Stoboy Alkaliser

 Manufacturer: Arlak Ayurveda


Country of origin: India

Type of medication: Ayurvedic

Usage: Hospitals/ Clinical

For treatment: Cure the kidney Stone Remove in the Effective and Fastest Way

Packaging size: 200 ml and 18 capsules

 Packaging Type: Box/ bottle

Category: Ayurvedic combo

Price: 160

Effective Ingredients

This ayurvedic medicine combo has many ingredients, and the natural herbs of Stoboy Alkaliser & Ayurvedic capsules have their own natural healing properties and list of natural ingredients of this ayurvedic drug is as follows.

  1. Gokhru: This is the type of fruit, and known for its excellent cleanser properties. Gokhru cleans the excretory system of the human body. Additionally, it helps flush out kidney stones and micturition. This natural herb helps in the reduction of edema, and swelling in the kidney.
  2. Pashanbhed: this natural ingredient has the property of breaking the stone. Pashanbhed cure the abdominal tumor, and provide relaxation from painful micturition. Additionally, this is a widely used clinical plant to treat dysuria and diuresis.
  3. Varun: this ayurvedic herb has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. Varun mostly supports renal conditions as it prevents renal stones. This herb works by controlling the enzyme glycolate oxidases which reduce the production of oxalates in the body of the patient. this natural ingredient is helpful in the treatment of many health conditions like urinary disorders, kidney failure, removal of renal stones, and urea.
  4. Lajjalu: this a plant with medical benefits. Lajjalu treats dropsy, uterine tumors, rheumatoid, vesical calculi, and myodynia.
  5. Yavakshar: This medication is useful in the treatment of urinary disorders and stomach problems including constipation. Other than this, it works as a diuretic and perspiration.
  6. Daruhaldi: these ayurvedic herbs benefits patients in many ways as it dissolves calculi, improve urinary tract infection, averts surgical intervention, treats burning sensations, and provide relaxation from spasm.

Storage of Stoboy Alkaliser & Ayurvedic Capsules

Doctors always give recommendations to keep this ayurvedic medication in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and children.

Safety Precaution

  • This ayurvedic medicine can be used for 36 months.
  • Never give this medication to another person for treating different diseases.
  • Usually, this medication is safe to use but must consult your doctor in case of pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Use this medication with precaution for the best result.
  • For fast recovery never miss or skip the dose of this ayurvedic, medication.



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