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Description – Ajwain and Giloy are the best natural ingredients or remedy for stomach ulcer, acidity, bladder pains, piles, gas, flatulence and digestion. All the ingredients of Arlzyme Capsules/Syrup help in digestion of food.


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Arlzyme  is an Ayurvedic Digestive Enzyme Combo manufactured by Arlak Ayurveda. It consists of digestive syrup and tablets too, so one can use the medication as per their preferences and with the recommendation of the clinician. The aid helps the person to maintain a healthy digestive system by providing enzymes. It is composed using natural herbs such as Ajwain and Giloy which are known to have the properties of treating digestive issues, stomach ulcers, formation of acidity, and many others. 

Ayurvedic Digestive Enzyme Capsule and Syrup increase the production level of digestive enzymes that benefits the person by increasing the desire to eat and feeling less constipated. The most important thing to maintain good health begins with better functioning of the digestive system which is why one should follow a nutritious diet and consume food that provides enzymes. But sometimes due to an unhealthy lifestyle, the production level of the enzymes gets slow which makes then requires the need to use Ayurvedic Digestive Enzyme Capsule and Syrup.

Both the products, Tablets, and Syrup are made with a combination of 12 ayurvedic ingredients namely, Harad, Bahed, Amla, Sonth, Marich, Pipali, Hing, Chitra, Chavya, Papita, Sat Ajwain, and Jeera. All these components treat digestive issues naturally without causing any harm or side effects. One is to take the medicine only if recommended and should use it regularly till the course is completed. 

Medicinal Benefits of Ayurvedic Digestive Enzyme Tablets and Syrup

The aid provides plenty of benefits that help in curing digestive issues. 

  • Helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system.
  • Increases the production level of digestive enzymes naturally.
  • Treats acidity.
  • Helps in curing Ulcers.
  • Treats the problems related to the stomach.
  • As it’s an antacid syrup, hence it improves gut health too.
  • It provides relief from bloating.
  • As it contains ajwain and other natural herbs, it is safe to take during the menstrual cycle, it may provide relief from cramps.
  • Cure constipation too.
  • Works best in the treatment of indigestion. 

Dose Requirement for Ayurvedic Digestive Enzyme Tablets and Syrup

Due to the presence of natural ingredients, the capsule and the syrup may not produce any side effects, but it can surely cause problems with overdose and be used unnecessarily without the consultation of the doctor. If not used appropriately, it may increase the level of digestive enzymes too much which will eventually lead to some uninvited health issues. 

Precautions with  Ayurvedic Digestive Enzyme Tablets and Syrup

Although it is an ayurvedic product, it still requires some necessary precautions that are advised to follow.  

  • Do not consume unhealthy food.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Eat more fiber-rich foods.
  • Try to maintain distance from alcohol.
  • Do not overdose on the medication.
  • Do not take the medicine if you are pregnant.
  • Exercise yoga and meditation.
  • Walk when you are free.
  • Do not give the medicine to the child. 

Packaging of Ayurvedic Digestive Enzyme Tablets and Syrup

As the medicine is available in both forms, Capsules, and Syrup both the products are available in different packaging.

  •  Ayurvedic Digestive Enzyme Tablets.

The capsule is packed in a vacuum container and comes in a box with a quantity of 30 Tablets. 

  • Ayurvedic Digestive Enzyme Syrup

The Syrup is packed in a vacuum-sealed bottle that contains the quantity of 200 ml Syrup. 

Side Effects of  Ayurvedic Digestive Enzyme Tablets and Syrup

The products are made with 100 % natural ingredients which makes them safe for the user hence it does not cause any side effects. 


Keep the  Ayurvedic Digestive Enzyme Tablets and Syrup to be stored in a cool and dry place only with no contact with sunlight.

Note Ayurvedic Digestive Enzyme Tablets and Syrup are only for external use. 

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