Ingredients – Bibhitaki + Amla + Maulsar + Majuphal + Khair + Dandasa + Akarkara + Fitkari + Kapur + Gaultheria + Hirabol + Babul + Trifla + Lavang + Menthol + Vazradanti

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MYDENT HERBAL TOOTHPASTE is a unique mixture of traditional Indian medication and modern science, bringing out the best of both. This toothpaste is packed with the power of 16 active herbal ingredients like Bibhitaki,  Amla, Maulsar, Majuphal, Khair, Dandasa, Akarkara, Fitkari, Kapur, Gaultheria, Hirabol, Babul, Trifla, Lavang, Menthol, and  Vazradanti.  MYDENT HERBAL TOOTHPASTE is free from side effects. This toothpaste is manufactured with effectively formulated standards. This herbal medicine is helpful in keeping gums and teeth healthy and maintaining oral hygiene.

This herbal product is more effective than other toothpaste which is made up of chemicals and may cause bad effects on teeth.  MYDENT HERBAL TOOTHPASTE ingredients have anti-bacterial healing properties; these properties make this herbal product a wise and healthier choice for all users. Ancient people use neem twigs, charcoal powder, and other natural herbs to keep their teeth fresh and germs-free. Adults and young ones both can use this combination product.

Components with Herbal Qualities

MYDENT HERBAL TOOTHPASTE is medically proven effective for the user. All the 16 herbal ingredients of this toothpaste help in treating problems related to teeth. These ayurvedic ingredients are not only effective against different oral problems but also kill the germs like bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Arlak Ayurveda conducted tests to examine the safety and efficacy of these herbal ingredients and find positive results. All ingredients of MYDENT HERBAL TOOTHPASTE are described as follows.

  1. Bibhitaki
  2. Amla
  3. Maulsar
  4. Majuphal
  5. Khair
  6. Dandasa
  7. Akarkara
  8. Fitkari
  9. Kapur
  10. Gaultheria
  11. Hirabol
  12. Babul
  13. Trifla
  14. Lavang
  15. Menthol
  16. Vazradanti

Protection from dental issues

MYDENT HERBAL TOOTHPASTE is Ayurvedic formula for treating many dental issues. Patients can keep their teeth healthy with the use of MYDENT HERBAL TOOTHPASTE. All 16 herbs help patients protect from the following dental problems.

  1. The natural ingredients of this toothpaste are well known to prevent toothache.
  2. Provide relaxation from gum inflammation with anti-bacterial properties.
  3. The presence of its herbal ingredients soothes bleeding gums and is also helpful in ulcers in the mouth.
  4. Provide prevention from plaque and gingivitis.
  5. Relaxation in pain and sensitivity of teeth.
  6. Together all ingredients end up the fungus, virus, and bacterial germs in the mouth.
  7. The mixture of ayurvedic herbs treats issues like, bad odor, yellow teeth, cavities, and gum bleeding.

Product specification of Mydent herbal toothpaste

Brand name: Mydent Herbal Toothpaste

Manufacturer: Arlak Ayurveda

Category: Ayurvedic dental care

Ayurvedic ingredients: Bibhitaki,  Amla, Maulsar, Majuphal, Khair, Dandasa, Akarkara, Fitkari, Kapur, Gaultheria, Hirabol, Babul, Trifla, Lavang, Menthol, and  Vazradanti

Price: 224.00

Side effects with the use of MYDENT HERBAL TOOTHPASTE

Well according to recent studies, it is proven that ayurvedic dental care products do not cause any bad effects on the oral cavity but also treat dental issues like non-dental care products. All effective natural ingredients of this ayurvedic toothpaste are free from side effects if the user may feel any discomfort with the use of this natural product can contact his dentist.

Storage of Mydent Herbal Toothpaste

For the best result, the user can keep this healthy toothpaste in a cool and dry place away from the sunlight.

General frequently asked questions

Question: Can I eat Mydent Herbal Toothpaste?

Answer: No, this is for external use only. In case of eating this product can lead the user some harmful effects.

Question: Can I use normally Mydent Herbal Toothpaste?

Answer: Yes, the user may use this herbal toothpaste in both conditions, normally and with dental issues.

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