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If you lose your appetite due to digestive problems then look no further My Appy Natural Appetiser is here. This is an Ayurvedic drop which is made up from many natural herbs and these herbs are Guduchi 75 mg, Saunt 37.50 mg, Kutiki 8.75 mg, Vidanga 18.75 mg, Nagarmotha 18.75 mg, Jeera 18.75 mg, Pippal 8.75 mg, Amalaki 18.75 mg, Yavanit 18.75 mg, Tulsi 18.75 mg, Chitrak 18.75 mg.

These natural herbs have many medicinal properties and these properties are very useful in improving the appetite. These drops are specially given for tackling digestive problems but this is also very helpful in tackling the problem related to many health issues and provide relief if you are suffering from these problems stress, anxiety, digestive issues, pain and inflammation, heart problems, liver anomalies, or skin diseases. This is an ayurveda-based medication and such medication is made by extracting natural goodness from nature without modifying the natural form of its man compound which is why it does not have many side effects.

Ingredients integrated in Guduchi, Kutiki, and Tulsi Natural Appetiser Drops

This Ayurvedic Appetiser is made up of many Ayurvedic natural herbs in this paragraph we will know about them and about their properties. These are some of the main ingredients for this Natural Appetiser.

Kutki – This is one of the herbs from this natural appetizer which is found in the Himalayan region. This is a hepatoprotective herb that has healing properties. These are some medicinal use of the Himalayan herbs jvara (useful in fever), Yakrit Vikara (prevents liver infections), and Sangrahini.

Guduchi- This herb is one of the most important herbs in Ayurveda this is commonly known as Giloy and this herb is an antipyretic which is why this herb helps in controlling the body’s temperature.

Vidanga- Vidanga is generally known as false black pepper because this herb looks like black pepper and this herb is very effective in cases of constipation problems and other stomach-related problems.

Pippal- is one of the very important ingredients in Ayurvedic medicine and it has properties like anti-asthmatic which can help in the case of Asthmatic patients too and this is also very effective in the case of cheolora.

Amalaki- This is a fruit from a tree that is very rich in vitamins and bioactive compounds and this is very helpful in maintaining the immune system, and digestive systems, Its antioxidant properties provide this drop in anti-aging properties.

Chitrak- This is one of the main ingredients from these drops and it has many therapeutic properties which help in medical issues like migraine, jaundice, skin diseases, urinary calculi, seminal weakness, and internal abscesses.

Tulsi- This is a holy herb and also known as holy basil this herb has antibacterial properties and this herb also helps in detoxification.

Benefits of Guduchi, Kutiki, and Tulsi Natural Appetiser Drops

This Ayurvedic drop is made of many herbs and these herbs provide relief from many health issues and help in improving the appetite and the benefits which they provide after combined together in one form. These are some of the benefits of this Guduchi, Kutiki, and Tulsi Natural Appetiser.
1. This drop helps in improving appetite.
2. This drop helps in stimulating digestive enzyme secretion.
3. Helps in improving metabolism.
4. Supports the liver to function well.
5. Maintain Gastric Juice Production problem.
6. Helps in digesting Carbs and starch easily.

Side Effects of Guduchi, Kutiki, and Tulsi Natural Appetiser Drops

This is an Ayurvedic drop but this drug has many herbs in their concentrated form that is why you should use these drops only after the prescription provided by the Ayurvedic experts because this concentrated form of drops may cause some side effects. These are some of the side effects that you may feel during the medication of Guduchi, Kutiki, and Tulsi Natural Appetiser Drops.
• Constipation, Drowsiness, and Dryness in the mouth

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