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Ingredients –Amla

Description – Indian Gooseberry or Amla is undeniably a powerhouse of nutrients. It is an excellent source of vitamin C which helps boost our immunity, metabolism and prevents viral and bacterial ailments. Amla is rich in iron, calcium, Phosphorus and helps in minimizing signs of ageing, lowering cholesterol levels, optimizing digestion, preventing chronic disease, stimulate the immune system.

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Amla Juice – Amla also known as Indian Gooseberry is undoubtedly the best juice to get multivitamins and minerals. It is the home of so many useful nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin C. The Amla Juice available at Arlak Ayurveda comes with the goodness of Vitamin C and rejuvenates internal health, boosts immunity, prevents viral, and improves metabolism. Our Amla juice contains 80% water, mineral, protein, and fiber along with carbohydrates.

Benefits of Amla Juice

Amla often known as Indian gooseberry is filled with lots of nutrients. In fact, it is the richest source of vitamin C. There are so many health benefits of Amla juice. It is highly recommended even by doctors to treat many health ailments.

  1. Boosts immunity.
  2. Helps with skin brightening.
  3. Purifies blood.
  4. Strengthens hairs.
  5. Improves eyesight.
  6. Helps in pitta disorders.
  7. Improves stamina.
  8. Makes the body’s defense mechanism stronger.
  9. Improves digestion.
  10. Provides relief from acidity.
  11. Effective in diabetes.
  12. Controls blood sugar levels.
  13. Prevents hairs from greying.

Quality and Packing

We at Arlak Ayurveda always ensure the delivery of completely safe and quality herbal products. The Amla Juice that we deliver is passed through rigorous quality tests and inspected under the supervision of herbal practitioners. We make sure to natural extracts to produce our products. Therefore, they do not provide any harm and are best in terms of quality, reliability, shelf-life, and effectiveness. When it comes to packing, we make sure to pack our products under air-tight, leakage proof and moisture-free packaging. The material we use for packing our products possesses the best quality and is obtained from trusted suppliers.

Arlak Ayurveda – Best Manufacturer and Supplier

We are an ISO certified company that is engaged in the business of manufacturing and supplying the best quality herbal products. The company is re-enforcing transparency and offering quality products at genuine prices. We possess an infrastructure that is approved by GMP-WHO and contains different departments for different types of activities. Our premises have separate packing departments, storage warehouses, powerhouses and much more. Apart from this, we make sure to adhere to global quality norms and set industrial standards for safer and quality outcomes.

Have a look at the highlights of Arlak Ayurveda:

  1. We have self-owned production houses.
  2. All products will be packed under strong and attractive packing.
  3. We ensure on-time delivery through a powerful logistics system.
  4. We have a team of the best pharma experts, Ayurvedic practitioners, R&D scientists, and many more.
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