Stobye Capsules

Ingredients – Chdadila, Kulthi, GokhruBada, Pashanbhed.

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Stobye Capsules manufactured by Arlak Ayurved are composed of natural herbs namely Chdadila, Kulthi, GokhruBada, and Pashanbhed. The composition is 100% natural and these ingredients help in decreasing the level of kidney stone pain. It helps in dissolving the stone into tiny particles which are released by the body in the form of toxins and waste such as urine. These are the anti-inflammatory ingredients that keep the digestion storms and reduce the problems caused due to the presence of stone. The co0mposition used helps in benefiting the person by decreasing the growth by lessening the formation of kidney stones and other urinary problems caused due to it.

Chdadila, Kulthi, GokhruBada, and Pashanbhed Composition might be the truly herbal ingredient composition but in terms of medical history, these are not to be taken more than suggested, the negative outcome will be less but can be serious too. The consumption should only be dependent on the doctor’s advice and in a limited manner. Pregnant ladies are suggested not to intake this composition as it may not be very much beneficial and hence needs a  lot of precautions and care. Taking the dose of it on time is one such responsibility too.

The Chdadila, Kulthi, GokhruBada, and Pashanbhed Composition can be responsible for the production of some of the effects too such as, bitterness in the taste, digestive issue, a little pain in the abdominal area, sore throat, and a few more, ayurveda is known for it rarely causing side effects thereby any serious issue only happen. take the aid responsibly.

Compositional Mechanism of  Chdadila, Kulthi, GokhruBada, and Pashanbhed  

As the tablets are composed of a combination of herbs namely Chdadila, Kulthi, GokhruBada, and Pashanbhed, hence the benefits of each contribute to kidney health in a different way. 

Chdadila- This specifically helps in the prevention of any bacterial infections if any of the ones is caused due to the presence of a kidney stone.

 Kulthi- It contains diuretic properties that help the kidney to function properly thereby increasing the level of passing urine. This dissolves the stone.

GokhruBada- This treats all kinds of kidney stones be they small or big ones. It helps in curing not just kidney stones but polycystic kidney disease, and cystitis too. Its breaks the bonds of the stone very easily.

Pashanbhed- The usage of this herb in the composition helps specifically in the reduction of calcium oxalate monohydrate crystals that result in the protection of kidneys from stones. 

Requirement of the Chdadila, Kulthi, GokhruBada, and Pashanbhed  Composition

The intake of this natural composition must depend on the consultation of the doctor only, it is a healthy ayurvedic tablet but recommendations is very important. Intrakoe of the tablets on one ownself can cause some severe effects. 

Side Effects of the Composition  Chdadila, Kulthi, GokhruBada, and Pashanbhed

 Although the composition belongs to the ayurvedic category which states to the side effects of its consumption are very minimal, but can be serious ones too.

  • Blood sugar levels can be lower.
  • Changes in the taste can be noticed
  • Bitterness can be caused.
  • Digestive issues may occur.
  • Appetite can be less.
  • Vomiting can be caused
  • The extreme and uncontrollable flow of urine 
  • Change in stole color can be noticed. 

Precautions with  Chdadila, Kulthi, GokhruBada, and Pashanbhed Composition 

One who is undergoing the procedure of this herbal composition is required to follow some of the necessary precautions and these are mentioned below.

  • Avoid foods that promote the growth of kidney stones.
  • Do not intake rice
  • Stay hydrated
  • Try to pass the urine, do not control.
  • If any issue occurs, contact the doctor immediately.
  • Take the dose worth the consultation,
  • Do not overdose on the composition
  • Not suitable if youtube is pregnant.
  • This composition is not suitable for children.


Keep the ayurvedic tablets composed of Chdadila, Kulthi, GokhruBada, and Pashanbhed herbs stored in a co9oll and dry place only with no contact with sunlight 


The Chdadila, Kulthi, GokhruBada, and Pashanbhed Composition are for external use only.

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