Ayurvedic Eye Drops

Nayan Rest Eye Drops

Nayan Rest is an Ayurvedic Eye Drop for water eyes, dryness, and other eye problems. Eye drops are beneficial in treating a wide array of eye problems and are often prescribed by healthcare professionals to reduce the symptoms of glaucoma. Sometimes a person experiences over-the-counter red eye, therefore, the best quality Ayurvedic Eye Drops are recommended to the healthcare professional. The use of eye drops depends on the recommendation of the doctor and the seriousness of your problem. 

The reason to use an eye drop can be any, it is important to use them correctly and regularly without any gaps. The more hydrating an eye drop will be, the better lubrication benefits you will achieve. The Ayurvedic Eye Drops are very beneficial for the patients as these are packed into bacteria-free packaging. These eye drops are manufactured under the state-of-the-art manufacturing concept and are delivered on time for the business purpose.

Step-by-Step Guide for Using Ayurvedic Eye Drops

In addition to using the Ayurvedic Eye Drops effectively, you will have to start with either a hand wash or a hand sanitizer Keep the hands clean before use is necessary. Further, you are required to clean the eyes properly with cold water.

Let us now understand how to use the Ayurvedic Eye Drops!

The instructions mentioned below are important to receive better results and reduce further damage to the eye. 

  • After clearing the eyes you are required to gather the Ayurvedic Eye Drops in your hands.
  • Shake the eye drops properly to mix the contents.
  • Open your eye drops and gently put the eye drops. ( Quantity to be mentioned by a doctor).

How to put in the eye drops?

For this purpose, you need to open the eyes facing upwards, put in the eye drops, and then as soon as the drop goes one, close the eye look downwards, and lock the eyes from the corner. 
This will prevent the leakage of the eye drops and let the eyes soak them completely. You can reverse the process within the suggested hours. 

For What Do the Eye Drops Work?

There are many reasons doctors suggest the use of eye drops but the common issues most people face are dry eyes causing irritation, unwanted redness, and watery eyes. 

Ayurvedic Eye Drops are commonly used products that can reduce the condition of water eyes, redness, and dryness. These will offer comfort and stability to your eyes. This is a daily-use product but only when the doctor suggests it. 

These eye drops are safe to use because they undergo the process of state-of-the-art manufacturing and are certified with ISO, GMP, and WHO.

Do’s and Don’ts with Eye Drops

The Ayurvedic Eye Drops are only beneficial when used correctly. Here we have described the do’s and don’ts that will offer the best results.

Do’s with Ayurvedic Eye Drop

  • Always read the label of the eye drops before use. Checking the expiration fate is very important.
  • Once opened, use the eye drops at a specific time such as 30 days. 

Don’ts with Ayurvedic Eye Drops

  • Do not touch the eye dropper.
  • Do not share the eye drops with anyone.
  • Do not wear the contact lens when using the eye drops. 


The eyes can be irritated because of many reasons. Sometimes the dust in the eyes troubles other times it can be the bacteria. It is not necessary to use the Ayurvedic Eye Drop if you face irritation once a week but if it is frequent you can use them as the the doctor’s advice. 

Tip- Do not rub the eyes when you have used the eye drops. This will help in the lubrication.

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