Ayurvedic Constipation Relief Capsules

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AM-RELAX CAPSULES is an herbal remedy for treating longstanding cases of constipation and a bad digestive system. Constipation is a kind of health condition that is caused by infrequent bowel movements, which are including by hard stool. A patient may feel constipation due to changes in a healthy diet plan or lack of intake of fiber. AM-RELAX CAPSULES have laxative qualities, which help in the prevention of severe cases of constipation. AM-RELAX CAPSULES are also used to treat gastric disorders and regulate regular bowel movements. AM-RELAX CAPSULES naturally clean the body and improve the digestive system of the patient.

AM-RELAX CAPSULES contain Senna patti, harad, Ajwain, amla, saunf, baheda, and vaividand. In other words, we can say that AM-RELAX CAPSULES is a mixture of natural ingredients that helps provide patient relief from constipation. All these ingredients have their own healing quality that heals patients fast and in the best way. Senna patti is useful in many ways for treating constipation It helps in the preparation of the Bowel, helps in the reduction of extra fat in the human body, and also enhances insulin production. Harad improves digestion and blood sugar level, avoid loss of memory, and heals wound and infection. Amla is beneficial for promoting immune function, improving eyesight, and relieve from symptoms of bowel syndrome. Ajwain removes toxins from the body of the patient. Saunf is helpful in soothing the muscle of the stomach. Baheda helps in losing stool. Vaividang controls indigestion, vomiting, and nausea symptoms in patients.

The patient should not crush, chew or break the AM-RELAX CAPSULES. The user should swallow the AM-RELAX CAPSULES with a whole glass of water. Due to the natural ingredients, AM-RELAX CAPSULES are free from side effects. A mixture of pure Ayurveda composition makes AM-RELAX CAPSULES highly safe and effective. Also, consult with your healthcare for all precautions with the use of AM-RELAX CAPSULES. Well, this medication! does not show any side effects but if the patient has seen any severe side effects with the use of AM-RELAX CAPSULES then as soon as possible he should consult his doctor.

Product specification of AM-RELAX CAPSULES


Category: Ayurvedic Capsules

Usage: constipation

Composition: senna patti, saunf, ajwain, amla, harad, baheda, and vaividang

Manufacturer: Arlalk Ayurveda


The use of AM-RELAX CAPSULES is recommended by doctors for children and adults. For the best and fast results of AM-RELAX CAPSULES patients should use this medication with a warm glass of water. The dose of AM-RELAX CAPSULES for children is one capsule daily at night with a warm glass of water only according to the prescribed dose. The doctor can recommend the use of two capsules to adults at night with a warm glass of water.  The user may use AM-RELAX CAPSULES for two to three weeks with the permission of healthcare.


AM-RELAX CAPSULES are mainly used to treat constipation and betterment in the digestive system.


The user of AM-RELAX CAPSULES can keep this medication in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Drug-to-drug interaction of AM-RELAX CAPSULES

Mostly AM-RELAX CAPSULES do not interact with any other medication. There is a rare chance of interaction with other medicine, especially western medicine. The user should take the advice of his doctor if he or she uses western medicine with AM-RELAX CAPSULES. If it is needed then always consume western medicine first and then after half an hour or 15-minute gap consume the dose of AM-RELAX CAPSULES.


Arlak Ayurveda does not recommend the consumption of AM-RELAX CAPSULES without the consultation of a physician. Otherwise, the patient can be feeling losing stools health condition. In case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, the patient should also consult with a doctor for using AM-RELAX CAPSULES.




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