Ayurvedic Therapy for PCOD and PCOS Relief



MYPCD Ayurvedic Capsules are manufactured by Arlak Ayurveda for treating PCOD and PCOS disease in women. MYPCD Ayurvedic Capsules are made up of natural herbs.  MYPCD Ayurvedic Capsules contain natural ingredients and natural healing properties to treat PCOD and PCOS. Polycystic Ovarian Disease usually occurs due to hormonal imbalance and genetic tendencies. In this health condition woman, ovaries produce large numbers of immature eggs and after a few times, these eggs change into cyst form in the ovaries. On the other side, PCOS is known as polycystic ovary syndrome which is caused by a metabolic disorder in which women face hormone imbalance that affects the reproductive system of women. In this situation, women skip their menstrual periods.

MYPCD Ayurvedic Capsules are a crafted formula with all-natural herbs, and this is a unique mixture of herb extracts. This is the best ayurvedic formula that provides relaxation from symptoms of PCOD and PCOS. MYPCD Ayurvedic Capsules are also helpful in decreasing the risk of hypertension and diabetes and also reduce the chance of infertility, supporting ovulation, and cyst dissolution, improving weight loss, and reducing acne. Females face many symptoms due to PCOD and PCOS, and these symptoms include hair growth on the face, irregular periods, thinning hair, infertility, obesity, cysts, and darkening of the skin.

Ayurvedic ingredients of MYPCD Ayurvedic Capsules

There are many natural herbs available that are beneficial for treating many diseases, and also there is various treatment for treating PCOD and PCOS. But MYPCD Ayurvedic Capsules are the best ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of PCOD and PCOS because it contains the best natural ingredients. Here is the list of some best quality natural herbs that are used to make MYPCD Ayurvedic Capsules.

  1. Shatavari root: Shatavari is an ayurvedic herb that is useful in avoiding symptoms of hormonal imbalance disorder. which are known as PCOD and PCOS. Its herbal healing properties improve uterine and ovarian health.
  2. Ashoka powder: Ashoka is a natural herb with its best healing property. It has antioxidant properties that help in removing harmful toxins in the human body. It not only treat PCOD and PCOS disorder as well as treat overall health problems like piles, cancer, ulcer, worm infestation, fever, and diabetes.
  3. Dalchini: Dalchini is also known as cinnamon. This natural ingredient is helpful in the reduction of insulin resistance, which is known as the main reason for PCOD and PCOS disease. This herb is also useful in infertility disorders.
  4. Lodhra: Lodhra is a traditional medicine that is used by Ayurvedic seers. This provides relaxation from vaginal infections. Lodhra has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Its herbal healing properties balance the hormones in females and also decrease the level of male hormones in the body of females.
  5. Sea buckthorn: it contains various important fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. The main reason for PCOD and PCOS is impaired glucose tolerance in the human body. If we talk about sea buckthorn seed oil we can say that it improved the blood sugar level and impaired glucose tolerance.
  6. Guduchi: Guduchi provide a natural remedy for improving the health condition of females’ reproductive system and also treat PCOD and PCOs disorder. It has a rejuvenating healing property that improves hormonal imbalance, supports weight loss, lowers inflammation, and regulation of menstrual cycle.
  7. Dhmasa booti: Dhamasa booti is a fully effective herbal drug for women. This natural herb is effective against PCOD and PCOS disorders as well as provides healing from fertility disorders, fibroids, marasmus, and leucorrhea.
  8. Cranberry extract: This natural herb plays a vital role in the treatment of PCOD and PCOS health conditions in females. It has antioxidant healing properties that reduce the effects of symptoms of PCOD and PCOS like irregular periods, hirsutism, and imbalance of hormones.
  9. Gokhru: This herbal ingredient helps women by controlling the growth of cysts caused by PCOS and PCOD disorder, and it also eliminates the level of water in the ovary. Gokhru is beneficial in many ways like providing relaxation from symptoms of kidney stones, kidney disease, and many other diseases.

Directions for use of   MYPCD Ayurvedic Capsules

Patients may consume two capsules in the morning and two in the evening only after the recommendation of a doctor. These capsules are free from side effects.


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