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Best Appetite Syrup in India

Best Appetite Syrup in India – A good appetite is the first step towards healthy digestion. Getting enough nutrition every day can really make a difference in how you feel and how you behave. If you have a healthy appetite, your body is more likely to utilize the food you consume as fuel. However, there are people who generally have to deal with the loss of appetite and resultantly lose weight. If you are among them who is eager to gain healthy weight and want to increase appetite, then make sure to give read this list featuring the Top 5 Best Appetite Syrup in India.

Best Appetite Syrup in India

Even if you are aware that having good nutrition can help you stay healthy, it can be quite hard to eat when you are not hungry or the food is not appetizing. Poor Appetite or Indigestion can lead to unabsorbed micronutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Medications, bacterial or viral infections, abnormal digestive conditions, stress, alcohol dependence, etc., are some of the major common causes behind poor or decreased appetite. In order to correct this, you may require a good cure that boosts your appetite. Here in this blog, we have mentioned the Best Appetite Syrup in India that are known to have excellent appetite-enhancing properties.

All the Appetite Syrups present in this list are included and researched by measuring their results, quality, effectiveness, and shelf life. In addition, all of them are trusted and approved by India’s renowned health specialists. Check out the list of Appetite Syrups and choose the one that follows with your concerns.

My Appy Natural Family AppetiserMy Appy

A natural herbal appetite My Appy Appetiser is first in the list of Top 5 Best Appetite Syrup in India. It comes with the combined natural properties of Vidanga, Pippali, Guduchi, Chitrak, Yavani, Kutki, Jeera, Nagarmotha, Amalaki, and Tulsi Leaf that together promote a healthy appetite and improve the proper functioning of the digestive system. This Appetite Tonic helps in boosting the hunger capacities of individuals and allows the body to absorb and utilize nutrients.

Benefits of My Appy Natural Family Appetiser:

Stimulates excretion of digestive enzymes.

Improves overall growth of the body.

Helps with indigestion.

Aptivate Syrup

Activate your appetite naturally with Aptivate, the Best Appetite Syrup in India. This syrup is infused with Nagarmotha, Kutki, Saunf, Pippali, Guduchi, Vidang, Yavani, and Jeera that promote potent appetite along with healthy weight gain. It acts on building a stronger digestive system and maintaining effective hygiene. Moreover, this herbal tonic provides relief from flatulence and thereby, improves appetite and digestion.

Benefits of Aptivate Syrup:

Damages intestinal worms.

Relieves gas and congestion.

Maintains a healthy immune system.

 Aptisyp Appetite Stimulant

Moving to number three in the list of Top 5 Best Appetite Syrup in India, we have Aptisyp Appetite Stimulant that comes with an active component, Carica Papaya Leaf Extract. This syrup helps in improving appetite, relieving constipation, and preventing indigestion. It also prevents gas, bloating, and other issues associated with digestion. Carica Papaya Leaf Extract in this syrup is a potent appetite stimulant that works by enhancing metabolism and boosting the breakdown of lipids.

Benefits of Aptisyp Appetite Stimulant:

Helps in healthy digestion.

Supports healthy weight levels.

Increases enzyme levels in the stomach.

 Zandu Pancharistha Ayurvedic Digestive Tonic

Next among the Best Appetite Syrup in India is Zandu Pancharistha Tonic which accelerates appetite levels along with providing relief from certain digestive issues. It is formulated with the richness of 35 potent Ayurvedic herbs, Arishtas, and Asav that act on the root causes of digestive problems. The infusion of Ashwagandha, Yasti, Manjistha, Draksa, Satavari, Lodhra, Dashmoola, Ajamooda, Dhanyaka, Trijat, Kumari, Haridra, and various other herbal ingredients help boost appetite and digestive immunity.

Benefits of Zandu Pancharistha Ayurvedic Digestive Tonic:

Treats indigestion and constipation.

Provides relief from gas, acidity, and flatulence.

Satiates the hunger pangs.

Bayer’s Tonic

If you are dealing with a lack of appetite, then regular usage of Bayer’s Tonic can actually help you in certain ways. This appetite stimulant increases good appetite and provides essential nutrients to the body that further help in recovery from illnesses induced in old age and other conditions that result in weakness. It is prescribed as a supplement in cases of general debility, chronic diseases, surgeries, and prolonged therapies with antibiotics.

Benefits of Bayer’s Tonic:

Manages decreased or loss of appetite.

Helps with regular illnesses and fatigue.

Delivers essential nutrients to the body.


So, these are the Best Appetite Syrup in India that are highly effective and show rapid results in appetite, indigestion, immunity, and their associated symptoms. These syrups are widely available in the Indian Market and are known for their potent benefits. Apart from that, if you want to get your hands on the top quality Appetite Syrups and other Ayurvedic products at the most affordable prices, then reach out to the Best Ayurvedic PCD Company in India, Arlak Ayurveda.

Best Ayurvedic Churna for Constipation in India

Best Ayurvedic Churna for Constipation in India – Nowadays, constipation has become one of the most common sources of concern among people in India. Research also depicts that there are approximately 40% of people aged between 30-50 suffer from this unanticipated health problem. According to the healthcare expert, the main reasons for this condition are dehydration, excessive lack of fiber intake, dairy consumption, changes in daily routine, temporary dietary changes, surgery, and so on. Ayurvedic churns are recommended by experts to treat constipation. Thus, in this blog, we have compiled a list of the 5 Best Ayurvedic Churna for Constipation in India that provide long-term relief. (more…)

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Varicose Veins in India

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Varicose Veins in India – Varicose Veins, also known as Varicoses are basically swollen or twisted veins. Although they can develop anywhere on the body, they are more likely to occur on the legs. Over 10 million people in India suffer from varicose veins every year. According to estimates, more than 30% of adults are affected by this condition. However, a number of people opt for Ayurvedic remedies to treat this condition. Here in this blog, we have brought a list of Top Ayurvedic Medicine for Varicose Veins in India that are known to provide effective treatment naturally.

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Varicose Veins in India

High Blood Pressure in the veins is the root cause of Varicose Veins. It develops in veins close to the skin’s surface. There are certain surgeries and other procedures like laser treatments, high ligation & vein stripping procedures, Catheter-based procedures, etc., that are known to treat Varicose Veins. However, many people do not get enough will to opt for such surgeries and treatments. If you are dealing with Varicose Veins and want an effective Ayurvedic treatment, then this list of Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Varicose Veins in India belongs to you. Give it a complete read and

JC Best Oil

Rich with Kali Musli, Lahasun, Dhatura, Til, etc, JC Best Oil is known to be the Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Varicose Veins in India. Applying this oil onto the portions of skin with varicose veins helps in increasing blood circulation in the system along with eradicating dark spots. This oil allows easy and smooth flow of blood through the veins. Along with purifying the impure blood and enhancing circulation in damaged veins and blood vessels, this Ayurvedic oil effectively balances the adulterated Pitta Dosha.

Special Features of JC Best Oil:

  1. Reduces inflammation.
  2. Strengthens vein walls.
  3. Provides long-lasting relief.

AyucoX Capsules

AyucoX capsules hold potent anti-inflammatory properties of natural herbs that work by reducing swelling and enabling smooth blood flow to veins to encourage movement. Enriched with Nutmeg, Eucalyptus, and Turpentine, it helps in minimizing discoloration that happens due to Varicose Veins. These capsules also manage the recurrence of Varicose Veins. Due to their potential of reducing inflammation, these capsules are regarded in the list of Top Ayurvedic Medicine for Varicose Veins in India.

Special Features of AyucoX Capsules:

  1. Diffuses swelling and inflammation.
  2. Gives strength to valves in the veins.
  3. Also helps in treating fever.

Vein Care Oil

Next in the list of Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Varicose Veins in India, we have Vein Care Oil. It is formulated with 70 precious natural herbs that are blended together to provide a natural cure for Varicose Veins. This Ayurvedic Varicose Vein Oil functions by improving blood circulation and strengthening the veins. It alleviates discomfort and swelling that comes along with this condition and provides the necessary pressure to the legs.

Special Features of Vein Care Oil:

  1. Improves elasticity.
  2. Regulates blood circulation.
  3. Eliminates inflammation.

Arogyam Varicose Control Capsules

Arogyam Capsules are another effective Ayurvedic remedy to control Varicose Veins. This ayurvedic formula is a combination of herbs that help in purifying the blood that resultantly releases toxins from the body. These capsules aid in providing immediate and long-lasting relief from tired, heavy, and restless legs. Moreover, they bring back the accurate balance of doshas in the body which makes them the Top Ayurvedic Medicine for Varicose Veins in India.

Special Features Arogyam Varicose Control Capsules:

  1. Contains deep penetrating properties.
  2. Relieves aching legs and feet.
  3. Prevents clotting of blood in veins.

Varikostop Cream

At number five in the list of Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Varicose Veins in India, we have Varikostop Cream which is considered an effective Ayurvedic remedy for both men and women. This cream is a complete cure for Varicose Veins that are effective for the pain caused in the legs and feet. It works by improving, repairing, and strengthening the walls of the veins while reducing swelling. Moreover, this Ayurvedic cream quickly gets absorbed and relieves the symptoms of pain, discomfort, and itching.

Special Features of Varikostop Cream:

  1. Treats spider veins.
  2. Reduces congestion and discomfort.
  3. Purifies the blood.

Varico Repair Capsules

The 100% pure medicine Varicose Repair Capsules are a naturally effective solution to treat Varicose Veins and promote strength in the veins. While improving blood flow in the veins, these capsules decrease the pain and inflammation associated with it. It supports vascular integrity and supports healthy veins. Because of their herbal capacity of managing veins, leg pain, swelling, and itching, these capsules are counted under the list of Top Ayurvedic Medicine for Varicose Veins in India.

Special Features of Varico Repair Capsules:

  1. Strengthens blood vessels.
  2. Clears away circular and white patches.
  3. Maintains healthy blood circulation.


These are the Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Varicose Veins in India that are known to provide the best results for Varicose Veins in the most rapid time. These Ayurvedic medicines are considered safe and effective Ayurvedic treatment by India’s top Ayurveda experts. If you want to procure premium quality Ayurvedic products at the lowest prices, then join the Best Ayurvedic PCD Company in India, Arlak Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic PCD Franchise in Uttarakhand

Ayurvedic PCD Franchise in Uttarakhand – Ayurveda is a natural form of medicine that originally originated in India. It is the traditional way of medicine that is known and used worldwide to help preserve health. Ayurveda has made its worldwide mark as the most popular and natural way to treat diseases. Ayurvedic medicines have a huge demand worldwide but if we narrow it down to India, then the northern state of India, Uttrakhand holds great potential for an Ayurvedic Franchise Business. The place has a population of approx 1 crore more than enough to attain a successful pharma business. So, if you are looking for investing in a pharma company then choose the best Ayurvedic PCD Franchise in Uttarakhand to start your business with a hike and earn great profits.


Ayurvedic PCD Company in Kozhikode

Ayurvedic PCD Company in Kozhikode – The recent study suggests Ayurveda has significantly made a secured presence in the largest urban area of Kerala, Kozhikode. The demand for Ayurvedic medicines has grown vastly in the city as people have turned their medicinal demands toward natural herbal therapies. This directly sketches out the bright scope of dealing with Ayurvedic medications in Kozhikode. We, Arlak Ayurveda have brought a ravishing business model of Ayurvedic PCD Franchise in Kozhikode for all the strong-willed business aspirants aiming to grab a remunerative opportunity.

Arlak Ayurveda is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that has adopted a modern take on ancient herbal medicines. The company is firmly engaged in manufacturing and supplying a broad-spectrum variety of Ayurvedic medicines that are formulated as per the statutory norms and quality standards. Our traditional herbal formulas and a modern touch of technology make us the Best Ayurvedic PCD Company in Kozhikode. The company is in search of hard-working business seekers in Kozhikode that are strongly inclined in running a successful business with a transparent and honest approach.

Ayurvedic PCD Company in Kozhikode

Get the best business support and deal with quality-assured Ayurvedic Range by associating with Arlka Ayurveda. Dial +91-7696263636 or drop an email at for further details.

How Dealing with Ayurvedic Products in Kozhikode will be Advantageous?

The riverine city in the southern Indian state of Kerala, Kozhikode is ranked as the second best Indian city to live in. At the same time, it is considered a distinguished region to start a business with an Ayurvedic herbal range. Due to the drastic switch of people in Kozhikode towards Ayurvedic medicines, investment in the Ayurvedic market of Kozhikode is known to provide long-run and sustainable profits.

We, Arlak Ayurveda provide excellent business deals and lowered-cost Ayurvedic products to all the medical representatives, stakeholders, wholesalers, entrepreneurs, stockiest, etc., to commence their remarkable Ayurvedic business in Kozhikode. If you hail in Kozhikode and are in keen search of a reliable business opportunity, then seize the opportunity of Ayurvedic PCD Franchise in Kozhikode served by us. By working with Arlak Ayurveda, you will get a chance to run a business with complete independence in the most economical market.

Leading Ayurvedic PCD Company in Kozhikode – Arlak Ayurveda

Arlak Ayurveda is a quality-oriented Ayurvedic company that goes above and beyond to maintain its reputation for years. The company owns ultra-modern manufacturing units that are well-equipped with advanced equipment and up-to-the-mark machinery. Being a National Award winner, we have become one of the most trusted and highly recognized brands for our ancient Ayurvedic medicines and herbal extracts. We specialize in highly effective treatments and therapies for almost all kinds of diseases and health conditions. Here are the distinctive features of the Best Ayurvedic PCD Company in Kozhikode:

  1. The company has production units furnished with up-to-date tools and equipment.
  2. Our entire Ayurvedic range is 100% pure, effective, quality-proven, and organic.
  3. We have firm connections with the country’s leading logistics panel enabling swift product delivery.
  4. The company implements sophisticated packaging practices for zero contamination and spoilage.

Vast Ayurvedic Range Formulated with 100% Natural Ingredients

Arlak Ayurveda, the Best Ayurvedic PCD Company in Kozhikode is continually delivering the purest form of Ayurveda to all its clients and customers with not even a minute compromise. The company utilizes the most hygienic practices possible to extract their richness and bottle the medicines in a way that their potency and naturalness do not deteriorate with time. All the raw materials we use to produce our formulations are collected with utmost care and focus from the country’s top suppliers. Have a look at our Ayurvedic Range produced in the best-selling dosage forms:

  1. Ayurvedic Syrups
  2. Ayurvedic Ointment
  3. Herbal Juices
  4. Ayurvedic Powders
  5. Ayurvedic Dental Care
  6. Ayurvedic Hair Oil
  7. Ayurvedic Combo

Reasons to Unite with Us for Ayurvedic PCD Franchise in Kozhikode

Arlak Ayurveda is the most trusted pharmaceutical company working in the Kozhikode market. The company is always in pursuit of meeting the unmet requirements of people by providing them with a safe, result-oriented, and quality-assured Ayurvedic range. We are presently serving a great opportunity for Ayurvedic PCD Franchise in Kozhikode for all the business investors to kick-start their business with the best business support. We provide business deals that produce remunerative profits and guaranteed returns under mutually agreed-upon terms and conditions. Here are the benefits of joining hands with us:

  1. Unique Monopoly Rights
  2. Wide Array of Ayurvedic Medicines
  3. Affordable and Low-Cost Product Prices
  4. 24*7 Customer Support
  5. Prompt Delivery of Medications at Doorsteps
  6. Valuable Promotional Tools
  7. Great Profit Margins & Money-Making Profits

If you are inclined to establish your own business in Ayurvedic Range and want to gain fruitful profits, then without any second thought, connect with Arlak Ayurveda and acquire the majestic opportunity of Ayurvedic PCD Franchise in Kozhikode.

Contact Details!

Name: Arlak Ayurveda

Address: SCO-5-6, Wadhwa Nagar, Near Hotel Sunpark, Zirakpur (Chandigarh)

Phone: +91-7696263636


How to Start Ayurvedic Business?

How to Start Ayurvedic Business? – According to the International Market Analysis Research and Consulting (IMARC) Group, the Indian Ayurvedic Market is foreseen to reach INR 1,536.9 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 19.78 percent from 2022 to 2027. Since people are shifting towards Ayurvedic medications, the demand for effective Ayurvedic and Herbal medicines has gone over the top in the Indian Market. Thus, starting a business with Ayurvedic products is predicted to be a smart decision for all business investors. If you are willing to know How to Start Ayurvedic Business, you must refer to this write-up.

Rushing toward an Ayurvedic Business necessitates careful consideration of a diverse number of critical factors. One must acquire sufficient information and ensure that all necessary paperwork is gathered in order to obtain the necessary certifications. Half or insufficient knowledge can lead to major chaos and obstacles for the investors. Hence, we are here to comprehensively help you with How to Start Ayurvedic Business, what are the qualification requirements, and the licenses to be acquired for the same.

Learn How to Start Ayurvedic Business

In order to know How to Start Ayurvedic Business, make sure to understand each and every point covered in the subject matter. Here are the steps that you must take into consideration to start a successful Ayurvedic Business:

  1. In order to start an Ayurvedic Business, the individual must have a prior experience in the Ayurveda market. A gentle experience can help the aspirant to go a long way in his business without any hurdles or inconvenience.
  2. It is necessary to improve your business planning and marketing strategy abilities in pursuance of promoting your products and creating large earnings.
  3. Be concerned about your manufacturing and marketing materials because the more you promote in the correct manner, the higher your revenues and advantages will be.
  4. Make a step-by-step plan for how you want to move the firm forward. To start with, consider what certain products will you sell or manufacture, where will you be located, and definitely the goals of your business.
  5. If you strive to sell your Ayurvedic products to the general public, you will need to work with pharmaceutical companies dealing with Ayurvedic medicines. Effectiveness, people’s requirements, and other rivals in the same space must all be taken into account.
  6. In the pursuit of a sound investment,

Licenses and Registration

It is critical to secure a Drug License for an Ayurvedic Company in India before starting a business with Ayurvedic products. All matters connected to drug licensing, from application to the final procedure, are handled by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) and the State Drugs Standard Control Organization (DSCO). There are different types of Drug Licenses that are mentioned below:

  1. Wholesale Drug License

Someone who wants to sell pharmaceuticals in quantity, such as through a PCD pharma franchise, will need a Wholesale Drug License.

  1. Retail Drug License

A Retail Drug License is generally given to someone who runs a pharmacy or a retail shop. A Retail Drug License is only granted to those people who have earned a diploma, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree in pharmacy from a well-recognized university.

  1. Manufacturing Drug License

A Manufacturing Drug License is necessary for the manufacturing of Ayurveda, allopathic, cosmetics, and other pharmaceuticals under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1945. The state government of the relevant state grants this License.

  1. Loan Drug License

An individual can apply for a Loan Drug License if they want to produce pharmaceutical products but don’t have the necessary land.

Eligibility Requirements to Start Ayurvedic Business

With regard to understanding How to Start Ayurvedic Business, you must also know about the eligibility requirements of the same. It is to know if you are eligible to run a business with Ayurvedic products. Have a look at the Eligibility Requirements to start an Ayurvedic Business that are mentioned below:

  1. A valid degree in Ayurveda or Ayurvedic Pharmacy is granted by a University, a State Government, or Statutory Faculties, Councils, and Boards of Indian Systems of Medicine recognized by the State Government or Central Government.
  2. A diploma in Ayurveda is granted by the State Government or a well-known institution by the Central Government.
  3. A graduate in Ayurveda of a University recognized by the Central Government with experience of at least two years in the manufacture of drugs pertaining to the Ayurveda.
  4. Qualification as a Pharmacist in Ayurvedic medicine, with at least eight years of experience in the manufacture of Ayurvedic products, as determined by the Central Government.

We hope that you are now thoroughly aware of “How to Start Ayurvedic Business“. It is certainly the best route for your successful career in the Indian Ayurvedic Sector. Furthermore, if you want to get premium quality Ayurvedic and herbal medicines for your Ayurvedic business, that too at the most genuine rates, then come in contact with the Best Ayurvedic PCD Company in India, Arlak Ayurveda.

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