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When we talk about quality of Herbal products, we should remember that these are the natural products and not allopathic products. To manufacture a herbal product we need a standardized raw material and an authenticated manufacturing technique. Then we can get an efficacious finished product without batch to batch variation. But there are gaps while taking care of all these factors. These are –

  1. Standardized Raw materials –
  2. Identification –Generally the raw material is identified by organoleptic methods that are based on parameters like shape, size, color, texture, surface characteristics, odor, taste and such organoleptic properties are compared to a standard reference material. But many a times manufacturer fails to identify the raw material on these parameters resulting in an inferior product.
  3. Efficacy – Even if the herb is identified correctly, it is difficult to know the efficacy of it as efficacy depends on climatic zone from where the herb has been harvested, time of harvest, drying method, contamination, how old the herb is etc.
  1. Authenticated Manufacturing techniques

Manufacturing techniques of classical medicines is well documented in ancient books and Ayurvedic pharmacopeia of India. But in Proprietary medicine there are not authenticated procedures. So, they have to be developed by manufacturer himself.

What we do to ensure good quality?

  1. We use the raw material in the form of standardized extracts. Water based extraction is mostly used. In this form, whatever is soluble in water in herbs is extracted and the remaining material is discarded. These extracts are tested on certain parameters and standardized. The benefit of using extracts is we get a standardized raw material everytime. Therefore, the efficacy of our product is maintained and there are no batch to batch variations.
  1. Authenticated manufacturing techniques-

For each and every product SOP’s are made and manufacturing is done on these bases only. No        variation from SOP is allowed.

Therefore, Arlak Ayurveda’s products are most efficacious and standardized.

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